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Number 1. (in 1 part) December 19, 2013

1. Viktor I. Grafutin, V.А. Ilyukhin, Ol'ga V. Ilyukhina, Galina G. Myasishcheva, Evgenii P. Prokop'ev, Yurii V. Funtikov
Applying Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy Methods in Nuclear Technology II. Studies Into the Structural Materials of the Nuclear Reactor Core Using the Annihilation Photon Angular Distribution Method (APAD)
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2013.2.80CrossRef

This article provides the findings of an experimental study into steels utilized in the nuclear industry, which employed the positron annihilation spectroscopy method (APAD). The processing and comparison of the experimental data with literary data helped identify vacancy defects, including those caused by neutron irradiation, and determine their dimensions.

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2. Pavel D. Kuzhelev
Geoinformation Technology for the Control of Transportation Objects
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2013.2.97CrossRef

This article provides an analytical review of applying geoinformation technology for the control of transportation objects. The article brings to light the principles of such control. It examines the tenor of the principles of control using geoinformation technology.

URL: http://ejournal4.com/journals_n/1392226200.pdf
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3. Konstantin N. Makarov, Nikolay K. Makarov
Artificial Islands on Russia’s Black Sea Coast – the Infrastructure, Scientific Rationale, and Legal Aspects
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2013.2.103CrossRef

Currently, there is emerging in Russia a new promising strand in the reclamation of coastal recreational resources (the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, the coast of the Baltic Sea, large reservoirs, etc.) – creation of artificial territories right in the sea at a certain distance from the shore, in the form of artificial insular complexes (AIC). This said, a number of sketch designs are utterly utopian in nature and cannot be implemented in certain conditions, as is the case with the Black Sea coast of Russia, for instance. At the same time, there is already some hands-on experience in the way of designing AIC’s for this coast. The article is dedicated to discussing issues and prospects related to the scientific rationale for and design of artificial islands, as well as their legal status.

URL: http://ejournal4.com/journals_n/1392226279.pdf
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4. Janet Norgaard, Md Azree Othuman Mydin
Polymeric Numerical Model and Parametric Study on Heat transfer in Sandwich and Stringer Panel Systems
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2013.2.115CrossRef

Numerical analyses play an important role in today’s research. Although they cannot always be a complete substitute for testing or other practical methods, they are important supplements to deepen our understanding of an existing material or to explore a subject in depth. A computer program has been developed at the University of Texas to calculate temperature distributions within a GRP structure when exposed to fire attack. This paper will discuss the behaviour of GRP at high temperatures and the theory behind the heat transfer program. This paper also reviews a number of different polymeric numerical heat transfer models by other researchers. Finally, a series of parametric studies will be presented to demonstrate the practical use of this computer program.

URL: http://ejournal4.com/journals_n/1392226371.pdf
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5. Vladimir Markelov
Geoinformation Modeling in Logistics
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2013.2.129CrossRef

This article brings to light the characteristics of geoinformation modeling. The author demonstrates that geoinformation modeling employs data integration. It is illustrated that geoinformation modeling is characterized by the use of spatial relations. The article describes primary logistics objectives. It demonstrates the link between logistics and spatial analysis and logistics and geomodeling.

URL: http://ejournal4.com/journals_n/1392226433.pdf
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6. Victor Y. Tsvetkov
Systems Analysis in Geoinformatics
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2013.2.135CrossRef

This article brings to light the application of the systemic approach to the analysis of spatial phenomena and objects. The term “system” is used for the generalized description of spatial objects, spatial phenomena, and spatial processes. The article brings to light the notion of the internal and external determinants of a spatial object as a system. The author examines the functions and information units of a system that describes spatial objects. The author illustrates the significance of classification as a tool for describing spatial objects.

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