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Number 1. (in 1 part) December 28, 2014

1. Farshad Farahbod, Hasan Abedi
Experimental Investigation of Thermal Performance of Closed Solar Still

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2014, Vol.(6), № 4, pp. 164-168.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2014.6.164CrossRef

Performance of a closed solar desalination pond, which is jointed to photovoltaic cell for producing sweet water from effluent saline water of refinery industry, is studied in this paper. Also, capability of photovoltaic cells to generate electricity is reported due to insolation rate during a year. Highest and lowest amounts of fresh water are reported to present design parameters of solar pond capacity.

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2. Farshad Farahbod, Alison Zamanpour, Mohammad Hossein Zabihi Shirazi Fard
Presentation of Novel Basic Conditions for Sweetening of Crude Oil

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2014, Vol.(6), № 4, pp. 169-172.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2014.6.169CrossRef

The important feature which is considered is to improve the adsorption efficiency of hydrogen sulphide from hydrocarbon fuels such as petroleum oil by applying the zinc oxide as nano catalyst. Totally, the optimum conditions to eliminate the hydrogen sulphide from petroleum oil are evaluated in this paper, experimentally. In this paper, zinc oxide nano particles are synthesized and are contacted with flow of sour petroleum. A method of removing sulphur from sour oil by nano catalyst is a novel method. ZnO nano catalyst of 35 in diameter is used to treat the sour oil. The useful correlations are presented to predict the optimum conditions for sweetening of crude oil by ZnO as nano catalyst.

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3. Timofey A. Kasatkin
Comparison of Analytical Methods for Calculating of Subsonic Aerodynamic Submunitions Standard Arrow

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2014, Vol.(6), № 4, pp. 173-175.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2014.6.173CrossRef

There was carried out the comparative analysis of the aerodynamic calculation methods S.N. Khramov, N.F. Krasnov, A.A. Lebedev and L.S. Chernobrovkin. Shown that the example of the ARROW's standard form technique by S.N. Khramov gives overestimated results due to accounting double bottom resistance in the range of M = 0.1...0.9 and techniques of N.F. Krasnov considering compressibility and without compressibility flow yielded nearly the same result.

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4. Vladimir Markelov
The Application of Information Units in Logistics

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2014, Vol.(6), № 4, pp. 176-183.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2014.6.176CrossRef

The article reveals the application of information technology in logistics units. Paper shows methods of application of information units in solving practical problems. Article discloses the use of spatial information in logistics. Article shows features of modern logistics. This article describes the relationship of logistics to geoinformatics. The article explains the three main functions of the application of geo-logistics. The article reveals the contents of the operational logistics analysis.

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5. Mikhail P. Rodygin
Optimization of the Pneumatic Plant's Parameters for Crash-Tests of Shell Rings

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2014, Vol.(6), № 4, pp. 184-188.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2014.6.184CrossRef

On the work there was formulate a mathematical model of the pneumatic plant for crush-tests of rocket's shell rings. There was produced a numerical experiment, that can a possibility for optimization of the plant's parameters.

URL: http://ejournal4.com/journals_n/1420959051.pdf
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6. Victor Ya. Tsvetkov
Opposition Information Analysis

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2014, Vol.(6), № 4, pp. 189-196.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2014.6.189CrossRef

This article describes the basic principles of the opposition of information analysis. Given by the difference between the dichotomous analysis and analysis of the opposition. This article describes the difference between the opposition linguistic analysis, logical analysis of the opposition and the opposition of information analysis. The article reveals the essence of the opposition division in the construction of the opposition pairs. This article describes the condition of the categorical equivalence. This article describes the required components opposition variables.

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