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2 June 10, 2016

Articles and Statements

1. Yurii V. Novokreshchenov, Mariya A. Vyguzova
The Development Problems of Small Energy

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(12), Is. 2, pp. 48-53.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.12.48CrossRef

Currently, the shares of small energy in the world is more than 5 %, in Russia – less than 1 %. From alternative to fossil fuel there can be called municipal solid waste, wood, biomass, rapeseed, biogas, ethanol. Today, the municipal solid waste, which includes all polymeric materials, non-recyclable, and wood is seen as an important energy resource, especially in big cities. The article presents materials dedicated to develop by the Government of the Udmurt Republic the Concept of Republican target program "Supply of the population, objects of social sphere in distant settlements of the Udmurt Republic with local types of fuel alternative to natural gas".

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2. Igor N. Rozenberg
Information Construction and Information Units in the Management of Transport Systems

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(12), Is. 2, pp. 54-62.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.12.54CrossRef

This article describes the management of the transport sector. The article shows that modern transport management techniques uses semiotic and situational control. The article argues that modern transport management described in the information structures and information units. The analysis of first introduced the concept of information unit showed that it corresponds to the content of the concept of information structure. The article shows that information structures and information units integrate the semiotic and situational control in a single technology.

URL: http://ejournal4.com/journals_n/1464271107.pdf
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3. Sergei V. Shaytura
Spatial Information Mining

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(12), Is. 2, pp. 63-71.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.12.63CrossRef

This article describes the features of the intellectual analysis of spatial information. The article shows the relationship between the technology and data mining technology. The article shows that the basis of the intellectual analysis of spatial information are reporting. The article shows that in the intellectual analysis of information structure used. The article proves the necessity of mining spatial information. This article describes the stages of mining. This article describes the methods of formation of geodata.

URL: http://ejournal4.com/journals_n/1464271155.pdf
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4. H. Sreedharan, J.R. Reshma, J.K. Jacob, V.V. Sivakumar
Energy and Exergy Analysis on 350MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(12), Is. 2, pp. 72-78.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.12.72CrossRef

The energy of exhaust gases from gas turbines are recovered by an unfired HRSG to supply steam to the steam cycle. The first law of thermodynamics deals with quantity of energy and asserts that energy cannot be created nor be destroyed. But, the second law deals with quality of energy. It is concerned with degradation of energy during a process. It gives an insight to the lost opportunities to do work. Thus it gives lot of scope for improvement. This makes second law analysis a powerful tool in optimization of complex thermal systems. Exergy also known as availability is the maximum useful work that could be obtained from the system at a given state in a specified environment. In this paper the variation of exergetic efficiency of gas turbines and their impact on thermal efficiency of combined cycle with variation of gas turbine parameters is demonstrated.

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5. Viktor Ya. Tsvetkov
Information Models and Information Resources

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(12), Is. 2, pp. 79-86.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.12.79CrossRef

The article analyzes the information models. The article argues that in modern information systems are used not abstract information and structured information models. The article proves that the model is divided into three categories: descriptive, resource and intellectual. The article describes the content of the information models of each class. The article describes the content of the resource potential of the concept, which serves as a characteristic of information resources. Characteristics of information resources is complementary models. Resource and intellectual models form the basis for the formation of information resources. Information resources obtained through transformation of information models. This article describes the two major information management strategy: the strategy of codification and personalization strategies.

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