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3 September 30, 2016

1. Bujar Bajçinovci, Florina Jerliu
Integrated Design as an Evolutive Transdisciplinary Strategy

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(13), Is. 3, pp. 90-98.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.13.90CrossRef

New challenges should stimulate new research, in order to provide better and higher quality of life. The essence of transdisciplinary design consists of different professions closely related to architectural design aiming for better and qualitative solutions, which with new findings exceed the usual and conventional disciplinary boundaries. Incentive mechanism for lateral thinking in the design process is accomplished when all the team members overcome a conventional barrier, in creating fundamentally something new, unique and creative. The analysis from the results of this research with subject a city without a river will show the need of implementation of a transdisciplinary strategy. By incorporating the new design strategy in the existing legal guidelines, it is expected to have a significant positive impact in the community by raising the quality of life in Prishtina.

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2. Teena P. Benny, Anoop A.B, Jose. K. Jacob
Thermal Designing of Air Preheater Used in Continuous Caustic Fusion Plant

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(13), Is. 3, pp. 99-105.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.13.99CrossRef

Thermal designing of an air preheater typically include the determination of heat transfer coefficient, Fin parameter, Colburn factor, fanning friction factor, heat transfer area, overall heat transfer coefficient, its type and size. The Continuous Caustic Fusion plant is a plant to produce export grade caustic soda Flakes from caustic soda solution. Design of heat exchangers has a greater role in thermal engineering field. An air preheater is a type of heat exchanger device designed to heat air before another process. Here the air preheater is a plate fin heat exchanger. Some problems are involved in the working of Air preheater used in the Continuous Caustic Fusion plant. Heat transfer is not properly taking place inside the Air Preheater. The outlet temperature of heat exchanger cannot be increased to a required value because of fouling produced inside the heat exchanger. So the air preheater is to be redesigned, to overcome this situation. In this paper finding the fouling factor and redesigning of plate fin heat exchanger are demonstrated.

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3. Konstantin N. Makarov, Anastasiya A. Gorlova
Modeling of Sediment Accumulating in the Port Pionerskiy Reconstruction

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(13), Is. 3, pp. 106-114.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.13.106CrossRef

The technique and results of mathematical modeling of litho-dynamic characteristics of the coast and sediment accumulating in internal and external areas of port Pionerskiy in existing conditions and conditions of its reconstruction. On the results of the simulations to prevent sediment accumulating approaches to the reconstructed port of the Pionerskiy flow of sediments from the West, it is proposed to construct the sediment- restrain spur to the West of the root portion of a new protective breakwater. The volume of sedimentation and sensimet of external design water area will be reduced significantly.

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4. Do Nhu Y, Ngo Xuan Cuong
Device for Monitoring - Warning Frequency Generator

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(13), Is. 3, pp. 115-121.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.13.115CrossRef

Power quality was assessed by two parameters voltage and frequency, the voltage changes are of a local property, and change the frequency – systematic. Frequency deviation in the grid due to an imbalance in power between the generator and the load will affect the economic and technical indicators of power stations, as well as consumers. To ensure the stability and reliability of the electric system and generator protection to prevent damage during the operation, it is necessary and indispensable device monitoring – warning frequency generator in power stations.

URL: http://ejournal4.com/journals_n/1477390089.pdf
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5. Viktor Ya. Tsvetkov

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(13), Is. 3, pp. 122-132.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.13.122CrossRef

The article analyzes the new trend in the theory of knowledge – geoknowledge. The article interprets the geoknowledge of the development of spatial knowledge in relation to the real spatial objects and phenomena. The article shows the causes of geoknowledge. The article shows the similarities and differences between spatial knowledge and the geoknowledge. The article offers a description instead of a stratified spatial knowledge to enter the set-theoretic, component description geoknowledge. The article reveals the contents of the component geoknowledge, which are formed on the basis relations of form, coordination and reciprocity. The article offers a reference to the spatial knowledge of the and geoknowledge to introduce the term "formation" instead of "extraction" of the term.

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