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4 December 15, 2016

Articles and Statements

1. Bujar Bajçinovci
Architectural Conceptual Design – the Sustainable Shopping Malls Structures

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(14), Is. 4, pp. 136-143.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.14.136CrossRef

Respecting the specific problems of the time, aiming to solve them in a more natural and sustainable way, we positively expect that those results will be a lighter problem for future generations. Global challenges, associated with the development of technology, life style, day to day issues and global world trends, the same design strategy cannot respond to all specific problems faced by contemporary urban issues. The research methods and the study were investigated through literature review, consisting of empirical observation through spatial planning, with an accent to the shopping mall structures. The architectural conceptual design argued in this paper, involves the design guidelines for the sustainable shopping mall structures. The aim of this research was to emphasize the necessity of architectural design, as a creative artistic process, a process which must take into consideration both of the involved “parties”: A good architectural design aiming in generation of profit, and uniquely those same actions to preserve the environment. A quality symbiotic bond, a divine commitment in-between populace and ambiance. Existence of a duality, symbiotically integrated, genius loci with coexistence of matter and energy, a simple awareness of fundamental truth. Hence, this conceptual design principle is expected to have a significant positive impact in architectural design perceptions.

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2. Ngo Xuan Cuong, Nguyen Thi Hong, Do Nhu Y
Analysis of the Sun Tracking Systems to Optimize the Efficiency of Solar Panels

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(14), Is. 4, pp. 144-151.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.14.144CrossRef

One of the ways to improve the efficiency of solar cells and reduce the price of solar electricity is the use of the tracking system of the sun. Daily and seasonal movement of the Earth affects the intensity of the radiation on the solar panels. The tracking system is the sun moves the solar panels to compensate for these movements, keeping the best orientation to the sun. For small solar panels it is not recommended to use the tracking system because of the high energy losses in the drive. It was found that the power consumption of the servo system is a few % of the increased energy. This article provides a classification system for tracking the sun, considered and their pluses and minuses.

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3. Gospodinov Slaveyko Gospodinov
Three-Dimensional Information Situation

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(14), Is. 4, pp. 152-158.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.14.152CrossRef

The article reveals the content of the principles of construction and application of three-dimensional information of the situation. The article substantiates the introduction of the concept of "three-dimensional information situation." The article shows the difference between the situation of information and three-dimensional information of the situation. The article describes the characteristics of the three-dimensional information of the situation. Results of application of three-dimensional information of the situation on the example of a digital terrain model. This article describes the situational spatial modeling, which can be carried out using a three-dimensional information of the situation.

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4. Do Nhu Y
Research using SVC to Improve the Operation of Wind Power Generators in Vietnam

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(14), Is. 4, pp. 159-163.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.14.159CrossRef

In Vietnam, the number of wind power generators has been increased yearly. Because of geophysical characters, the generation of these generators has different properties. It depends much on wind’s characteristics as well as the generation technology. Base on simulation implemented on Matlab, the paper analyzes the stability of national networks at PCC nods containing the connection of wind power station when there is a change of wind’s velocity or when there is an earth fault in grid. The analyzing results are used to suggest solutions to improve the stability and effectiveness of the whole system.

URL: http://ejournal4.com/journals_n/1481809172.pdf
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5. Viktor Ya. Tsvetkov
Information-Cognitive Semantics

European Journal of Technology and Design, 2016, Vol.(14), Is. 4, pp. 164-175.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2016.14.164CrossRef

This article describes the information cognitive semantics. The authors determine the location of the information cognitive semantics among different semanties, as well as show the similarities and differences. The article reveals the content of the information items, as one of the semantics objects of study. Different types of complexity of language constructs are described: structural, descriptions, semantic. The Kolmogorov criterion is suggested in order to assess the complexity to language constructs. An applied to the information items, the means of such notion as significate meaning, predictive sense, context is disclosed. Article explores the lexical information units to determine the relationship between different types of then. The criterion of divisibility of the information units is discussed. The concept of position of information units that affects the meaning of the phrase is revealed. The concept of the semantic environment or local semantic field is also revealed. Shown that the information cognitive semantics is shown to empowers the cognitive modeling possibilities.

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