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1 March 23, 2021


1. Dmitry V. Izymbaev
The Technology of Hydraulic Fracturing

European Journal of Technology and Design. 2021. 9(1): 3-7.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2021.1.3CrossRef

The main method of influencing the bottomhole formation zone in order to increase the productivity of wells is hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing pursues two main goals: increasing reservoir productivity by increasing the effective radius of well drainage; creation of a highly permeable inflow channel, bypassing the damaged bottomhole zone. The design of this operation should take into account the geological features of the formation in the zone of each well on which hydraulic fracturing is planned. Accordingly, for each well, it is necessary to optimize the crack parameters from the physical and economic points of view. The properties of the fluids used are of great importance for the effectiveness of the method; the size of the crack opening directly depends on the pressure generated. But under high pressure, liquid can penetrate into the pores, thereby contaminating the rock and formation. In the presence of core material, it is necessary to conduct tests in laboratory conditions to study the nature of formation contamination. The use of specially treated fluids, specialized for the conditions of hydraulic fracturing only for this formation, anchoring material, equipment and technology provides a greater initial and cumulative increase in oil production.

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2. Ildar I. Kalimullin, Sergey S. Makarov
Analysis of the Reservoir Pressure Maintenance Pipeline System Using Polymer Flooding

European Journal of Technology and Design. 2021. 9(1): 8-16.
DOI: 10.13187/ejtd.2021.1.8CrossRef

The purpose of this article is to analyze a pipeline system for maintaining reservoir pressure (RPM) in the implementation of polymer flooding technology. The successful use of polymer flooding is a problem of modern industrial oil production and the efficiency of the oil field as a whole depends on the correct solution. In the course of writing this article, a brief study of the reservoir pressure maintenance system and some polymer flooding technologies was carried out, as well as an analysis of the reservoir pressure maintenance system. The importance of the waterflooding system as a method of enhanced oil recovery is indicated; the technological essence of polymer flooding has been determined; shows practically applied polymer flooding schemes; a brief description of the following technologies is given: typical polymer flooding technology; polymer flooding technology carried out at the oil fields of OJSC TNK-Nizhnevartovsk, LLC NPO Neftegaztechnologiya and CJSC Concord; Bright Water polymer flooding technology. The analysis of the reservoir pressure maintenance pipeline system performed in the article is illustrated by practical examples.

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